Astros Sign 2 Pitchers

Unfortunately, neither of these two pitchers was the #2 starter we so desperately need… but I’m happy to see that we signed Hawkins to a contract, this one worth 3.5 million for 1 season plus incentives.  The other pitcher signed is the 1st Taiwanese player ever signed by the Astros in Chia-Jen Lo(CJ for short) who is a closer by trade and will more than likely start out in A-ball next season, but if he adapts well, could find himself in Double-A.  Lo is a right hander who has 4 pitches, a slider being his best.

The Lo signing is more of a long term thing… he’s probably not going to even have a chance of being on the big club for another 2-3 years…   This signing kind of goes to show that the Astros are broadening their horizons and actually looking for talent in the Asian countries; something that the Astros have been criticized about in the past.

Hawkins is a good signing… but I’m kind of surprised that they gave him 3.5 million.  Not that I think 3.5 million is too much(especially if he stays on track with what he did for the Astros last season), but more because the Astros turned down a 3.25 million contract on Brocail…  if Brocail comes back, he’ll probably be the primary set up man, and being that the Astros turned down the 3.25 million contract, you can expect them to try and sign him for a lower salary.  Just something to think about.  If we can get the same Hawkins back that we had last season and a healthy Brocail(that isn’t overused), the Astros could have a very formidable bullpen next season. 

Now it’s just time to ink a couple of starting pitchers.  The Astros have stated that they are talking to Wolf’s agents and are having good conversations with them… but that means little to nothing.  Now is the time to see how much Wolf’s comments about liking Houston last season really mean anything.

There are also notes that the Astros are still in talks about signing Peavy, but the chances of that happening are still slim at best…   Here are a couple of quotes from uncle Drayton about signing Peavy from here.

“Jake Peavy is going to be a big task and the real reason is he’s
not a free agent,” McLane said. “We’ve specialized in free agents over
the last few years. He’s not a free agent, so San Diego has given us a
big list they would want from the Houston Astros, and it’s multiple
players and some of our best players. Most likely that would be the
stumbling block.

“We don’t want to wind up giving up three or four players for
one player. Jake Peavy is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball.
We would welcome him with open arms, but that’s going to be a real task
with the demand that San Diego has and the type of talent they want

I would love to see this list…


Looks like the Peavy deal isn’t going to happen… see the Hot Stove Blog for more.

Hawkins comes back to Houston | Astros sign Taiwanese closer Lo



  1. danyah

    I knew it was a long shot, but I’m still depressed that we’re not getting Peavy. Although, I’m not so sure if I’m more depressed that we’re not getting him, or that the Cubs likely are.

  2. stros_bro

    Getting him would have been a too good to be true reality for me(assuming we didn’t give up someone that didn’t hurt more). If we could have gotten Peavy and resigned Wolf, we would have been instant contenders. The Cubs are already better than us… if they get Peavy it’s going to really hurt.

    I’d obviously prefer Peavy to either be an Astros player, or on a team not in the NL central and especially not named the Chicago Cubs.

  3. rastronomicals

    The Hawkins signing kind of bugs me and not just because it’s rare to capture lightning in a bottle with a reliever in consecutive years.

    It’s not even the money . . . I don’t guess 3.5 million dollars is a lot for an 8th inning guy anymore.

    No, what bothers me is that Hawkins was the guy behind the T-shirts that blamed Bud Selig for ruining the season.

    Rubbed me the wrong way, big time it did. What that says to me about Latroy Hawkins is that in adversity, he’s all about blaming other people, instead of taking responsiblity.

    And thinking further, back to when the Cubs made him their closer, and he failed miserably, to the point where no-one will ever, ever make him a closer again, that also kind of leads you to believe he doesn’t have the makeup you want.

    I doubt he’ll ruin our season all by his lonesome, but bad move. I don’t like it.

  4. stros_bro

    We really won’t be able to tell if this is a good signing or not until after the season(or at least after a few months of the season). Hawkins definitely isn’t a slam dunk and there’s really no telling what he’s going to be this season. So we’ll see… I don’t really hold the whole t-shirt thing against him.

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