Ausmus Wins 3rd Gold Glove

Brad Ausmus, the Astros steady receiver behind the plate won his 3rd gold glove this year.

Ausmus, also a Gold Glove recipient in 2001 and 2002, led all catchers in games caught (138), starts (124), fielding percentage (.998), total chances (994) and innings caught (1,124 2/3). He committed only two errors and allowed one passed ball.


One passed ball?!?!  That’s crazy considering how many innings he caught off Brad Lidge and that sick, sick slider.  The Astros keep Brad for his defense and the way he handles the Astros pitchers, so it’s really nice for him to get some gratitude from the league for his fine work. 

To all of you Cardinals fans crying foul saying that Molina got robbed…  Go cry yourself to sleep.  Yes we all know Brad had more runners advance on him this season.  Brad led in basically every important category except the stolen bases categories… then take into consideration that he had almost 200 more put outs than Molina and it’s a no contest.  Molina had a fine year… a great defensive year…  but Brad was better and deserved the award.  Molina will get his gold glove eventually… probably year after next when Brad retires though. 

On another note, Adam Everett who is in my opinion is the best defensive short stop in the game, failed to claim the gold glove this season being beaten out by 11-time gold glove winner Omar Visquel.  Some Astros fans say he got robbed, but saying that Adam got robbed is basically just home town prejudice.  Visquel is one of the best defensive short stops in the game… ever.  Visquel also had a better fielding percentage this season beating out Adam’s .990 with a .993.  It would have been nice for Adam to win the gold glove, and I’m pretty sure he will in the near future.  But Omar deserved it this year as well… so him winning it isn’t robbing Adam in any way.

Name No.
P Greg Maddux 16
C Brad Ausmus 3
1B Albert Pujols 1
2B Orlando Hudson 2
SS Omar Vizquel 11
3B Scott Rolen 7
OF Carlos Beltran 1
OF Mike Cameron 3
OF Andruw Jones 9



    I thought that Everett got robbed initially as well until I actually did the research to see the differences in the fielding %’s and stuff.. Was a fairly close race in categories that involved making mistakes, but Everett was ahead in chances, assists and double plays. And I’m sure when it comes to range Everett would win as well but I think errors and fielding % are just as big or bigger so.. Kudos to Vizquel and even more kudos to Ausmus who definatly deserved the GG!! I was reading the article on and I was prepared to see Garner make a comment about wanting Ausmus to keep playing so he doesn’t take Garner’s job 🙂

  2. Benjamin

    Lol, I love how you don’t mention the fact that ausmus had more chances for put outs than molina did. Not to mention Ausmus has Clemens and Oswalt pitching to him (giving him more put outs).

    You told me not to let my Cardinal bias get in my way and yet you are blinded by your Astro bias. Molina’s fielding percentage was nearly the same as Ausmus’ and the difference between a runner on first and a runner in scoring position is HUGE.

    Molina was robbed and Ausmus won on his reputation (just as Vizquel wins on his rep now).

  3. Thomas

    Look, you could make an argument saying that Yadier deserved to win the Gold Glove, as I can make an arguement backing up Ausmus winning it… But saying that Yadier got “robbed” is reaching… Ausmus had more chances to screw up and still made half as many errors as Yadier… No way can you make a logical non-biased argument that Yadier got robbed for not winning.

  4. PAUL

    Every time someone mentions the name Brad Ausmus, my fiancee and I are reminded of the interview he did (to the best of my recollection it was with ESPN) about the out of the closet former big leaguer Bill Bean. Ausmus was a teammate of Bean’s for a while and it seemed about every time they mentioned Ausmus during the show, they added the caveat, “Ausmus, who is not *****,” as though it were a prerequisite to his being involved in the story. Molina’s going to win his share of Gold Gloves eventually. He’s just a kid. Ausmus is a great defensive catcher.(And he’s not *****.)


    I am absolutley sick to my stomach with MLB voters. How in the hell did Molina, McLouth, Phillips and Gonzalez get a GG over any of the Astros players when the team led the entire league with fewer errors than anybody (18 fewer)? I just don’t get it! I guess that MLB has it in for Houston and THEY have thier favorites. Ever since the Golden Glove Award has been awarded, 6 Astros have won it. 6!!!!! I know that Houston has had some great studs thoughout the years, but 6! MLB, you mean to tell me that Oswalt, Berkman, Lee, Pence and Evertt suck! These are Marquie players that on defense are unstopable. Last year, Evertt was the #1 shortstop in the intire league for defense. He made the least amount of errors than anybody and was robbed of the GG. When come to find out, that the award is given on the best player position for OFFENSE & defense. The key words are GOLDEN GLOVE, not GOLDEN BAT (thats the Silver Slugger Award) and if you guys rate your votes that way, the 4 mentioned players that won the awards this year, sucked on offense! They must have won on sephathy vote. I’m sorry if this seems a little rude but it gives me a bad taste in my mouth when MLB treats the Houston Astros like the “Red Headed Step Childs of Baseball”. They desierve more credit than this. Take this with a grain of salt, I don’t care. As a loyal Astros fan, I just had to vent and I believe that something has to be done on the voting. Maybe the fans should vote on the GGA. You guys let us vote on the All-Star Game!

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