You gotta be ^*(#&#$^ kidding me

Roy 0 pitches 7 innings and leaves with a 9-2 lead only to have the bull pen give up 7 runs in the last two innings to send it into extra innings.. I’m going to bed. 

The White Sox have hit grand slams in the last three games.. 

I always gripe about Garner pulling a starter who is pitching great regardless what inning it is.. the way I see it, if he can still go, let em go.. Tonight when I heard he was pulling Roy I thought to myself,***** you Garner.. and now look.  The bull pen has wasted great starting pitching in the last two games by Taylor Buchholz last night and Roy Oswalt tonight.. pathetic..  like I said, I’m going to bed… I don’t even care if we win or lose tonight.


  1. Rafael

    I will thank that fan who interfered with the ball on the 10th so much. Where’s he? I will send him presents.. he is definitely on my Christmas list!


    I can’t decide if I want to throw my remote through the tv or just kill myself. This is ridiculous. RI **** DICULOUS!!!! I have been behind Lidge. I thought he was coming back. At this point, no blaming it on the Pujols home run. That’s last year. Done and done…and so is Lidge. There was no reason for what happened tonight. Except for Garner losing his mind. I know Oswalt had 108 pitches, but if he can still pitch let him. The bullpen is shaky at best. Let’s just be glad that Thome stunk it up tonight. It’s 12:27am here on the east coast. Sadly I didn’t get to see this game until the grand slam. Stupid ESPN decided to air the 2nd game of the Marlins/Yankees DH.

  3. Thomas

    I feel your pain valkuy.. It’s amazing how one pitcher can look so brilliant and unhittable in one game and the next game blow a 4 run lead. I still like Lidge and think he’s a good closer.. but I’m not real sure I want to put myself or any other Astros fan through the suffering he puts us though.. It’s getting old.

  4. Cyn

    Thomas, did you really not stay up for the end of the game????

    I did. 🙂

    It was well worth being late for work!

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