The World Cup

Wc The World Cup of Soccer starts today… what does that mean to me?  It means I’ll be watching less ESPN and ESPN 2 than normal.  I just don’t get soccer and what everyone outside of the US and Canada sees in it.  I’m really not trying to be disrespectful to the sport or any of it’s players.. honest.. I just don’t get the sport.  I think the players who play the sport are phenomenal.. The field is HUGE and they chase that ball around for what seems to be hours on end.  I know the players are great athletes and highly skilled and it’s ridiculous how they can do back-flips, kick the ball with their head closer to the ground than their feet, and have the ball go into the net..  If every play consisted of that.. I’d be a fan.  Speaking of the net.. I don’t understand how a net so freaking huge can be so hard to put a soccer ball into.  Seems like the score would be 15-13 constantly instead of 1-0 or 2-1 all the time.  I just don’t get the sport in general.  Chalk it down to ignorance I guess.  I understand the concept, get the ball into the net.  I just don’t understand all of the rules and what the heck the cards the ref’s pull out are for.

Due to my ignorance.. I’m choosing the US to win it this year.. Yea I know they are like 40-1 underdogs..  but who cares.  That’s my pick. 



  1. Guillermo

    80-1 dogs, actually. The US would have a much better shot if they were into a ridiculously tough group with the Azzurri, the Czechs, and Ghana.

    Rent FIFA World Cup 2006 for the Xbox or PS2 some time and you’ll understand just how much skill (and sometimes luck) goes into a goal. You’ll also gain a pretty deep appreciation for the Joga Bonita.

  2. SomeBallyard

    Why Thomas, you’re right! It’s remarkably interesting to hear you talk about a subject you have absolutely no knowledge about. Only you could come up with a classic line like “Due to my lack of ignorance”. Too bad they don’t have concept checkers. And you get featured on the MLBlogs home page! Just goes to show what hard work will get you.
    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

  3. Rafael

    As much as I have tried to get soccer, I can’t. And I don’t understand why in a country like the one I’m from, a baseball nation, people get so crazy over soccer for a month every 4 years, and forgets about it the rest of the time.

    I played soccer when I was a kid because it was mandatory at the school I attended. I guess the fact of being forced to play it drew me away from it even more.

  4. Cyn

    Michael, you’re bordering on becoming a stalker. How cute.

    Thomas, I’m not much of a soccer fan, but I’m all for supporting the US team!

  5. SomeBallyard

    Stalking is a serious charge, Cyn, and should be reserved for real victims. There is nothing whatsoever cute about stalking.

    I can’t seem to keep Thomas off my site despite repeated requests, so figured I might as well visit him here.

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

  6. Thomas

    Guillermo, I actually watched part of the Sweden / Trinidad game.. I can say I actually enjoyed the little bit I watched. Still don’t understand the penalties and all of that though. I don’t own a PS2 or Xbox.. actually don’t own any console.. last console I bought was the first playstation, and that was ages ago.

    Michael, thanks for posting! =) And thanks for pointing out my lack of proof reading.(fixed btw) Good to see you have nothing better to write articles about.

    Rafael, closest I’ve come to playing soccer was kickball.. and that wasn’t mandatory.

    Cyn, ❤

  7. SomeBallyard


    You’re quite welcome. See if you can spot the ironies here:

    /pointing out my lack of proof reading.(fixed btw) /

    hint: the parenthetical element should precede the period marking the end of the “thought”. Surely you would have noticed that if you had bothered proofreading.

    /Good to see you have nothing better to write articles about./

    hint: that was kind of the point of my article…8)

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

  8. Thomas

    Since evidently you were an English Major in middle school, when you quote someone and you don’t start off with the beginning of their sentence, you should use an ellipsis in place of the omitted part. If you’re going to make a point in correcting my grammatical errors, you should at least attempt to do so without making grammatical errors yourself. Speaking of ellipsis, why didn’t you comment about my first ellipsis in that comment.. like the one I just put, they are supposed to have three dots, not just two.. If you’re going to make a point to correct my grammatical errors/typos, why not go for the trifecta! Or bifecta, whatever.. <– two dots, I do it all the time..
    Maybe you should read over your last entry.. I’m sure you can find at least 1 grammatical error in that statement. And I haven’t spent a quarter of a century studying languages to become a good writer. I write out of boredom and couldn’t care less whether I was/am a good writer or not.

  9. SomeBallyard

    haha that last sentence says it all and is quite obvious so why do you bother do you have a grammer book or do you just make these things up as you go along maybe you should wrap those lipses of yours around another brew and call it a day

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